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Camp Overview

English PLUS Musical Thematic Summer Camp @ University of Toronto, Canada

To explore the children's artistic talent, it is better to consider the Canadian English musical summer camp. Intrinsic will be holding a two-week Canadian English PLUS musical summer camp for 7-17 year old students this summer with Tamwood, who has many years of experience in providing professional English learning courses. Tamwood is named as "Champion of The North American camp" by the Study Travel Magazine for years and it has received more than 20,000 students from 60 different countries.

About Location

Location: University of Toronto, Canada

University of Toronto, founded in 1827, is located in Canada's largest city of Toronto. It is Canada's top universities and one of the four traditional Canadian schools. Students can explore the dance, singing and acting genius of themselves with their friends from different countries under the guidance of drama teachers. In the exciting courses of the day, they will learn how to perform, more about stage stations, theater settings, personalized drama elements and clothing collocation. All these can help them to complete a musical which belongs to their own in the last day as a graduation gift. In addition, they will be arranged to visit landmarks in Toronto, including CN Tower, Niagara Falls and so on.


Young adults between 7-17 year old

Program Cost

Program Cost: RMB 21,600 (7 to 12 year old); RMB 20,600 [13 to 17 year old]

It includes:

  • 20 lessons in dance, singing and acting
  • 20 English courses
  • Local accommodation & meals
  • Basic medical insurance
  • Weekly excursions

How to Apply

Interested in knowing more, please call 020-2212 9518 or email to

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