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Our Internship/Trainee Program under J-1 visa category offers international students and young professionals from around the world the unique opportunity to gain valuable practical training experience in the U.S. By participating in a program of practical training that relates to their specific field of study or chosen career path, trainees are able to gain professional knowledge and techniques that will promote their future career development.

Benefits Of The Internship/Trainee Program

Creates a unique forum for professional and personal growth within an international context.

On-the-Job TrainingLearn valuable professional techniques and U.S. business methodologies in your field of endeavor
Further your skills and enhance your qualifications within this field.

Establish professional relationships and  develop an international network of colleagues and contacts that you can call upon in your future career.

Language Skills

Advance your skills in a professional setting and help you to improve not only your overall fluency but also your industry-specific business English skills.

Cultural Exchange

Administered as a cultural exchange program and create the opportunity for you to learn about U.S. culture, history and politics.

FunA good way to make friends from all around the world and experience the excitement of living in and exploring a new country.

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