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Program Cost

The price for Internship Program (INT) and Professional Career Training Program (PCT) varies depending on how long an applicant plans to stay in the U.S. For the payment method, only check and bank transfer are acceptable. Please visit Payment Methods for more information accordingly.
Internship (INT)

Premium Placement
Provided by Intrinsic

≦3 monthsHKD19,500HKD34,500
4-6 months
7-9 months
10-12 months
13-14 months*

Professional Career Training (PCT)
Premium Placement
Provided by Intrinsic
≦3 monthsHKD21,500HKD36,500
4-6 monthsHKD25,500HKD40,500
7-9 monthsHKD29,500HKD44,500
10-12 monthsHKD33,500HKD48,500
13-15 monthsHKD37,500HKD52,500
16-20 monthsHKD41,500HKD56,500

* Normally Internship Program (INT) would NOT exceed 14 months.

<1 month will be defined as 30 days. Less than 30 days shall be calculated as 1 month.>

What is included in Program Cost?

  1. SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) fee
  2. DS-2019 form to apply for the J-1 Trainee Visa
  3. Basic medical insurance
  4. 24 hours emergency support
  5. Participant handbook
  6. Orientations
  7. Information about social security card application
What is NOT included in Program Cost?

  1. Non-refundable Administration Fee of HKD800
  2. A round trip air ticket from Hong Kong to the U.S.
  3. J-1 Trainee Visa application fee
  4. Food and accommodation
  5. Additional insurance
  6. Other personal expenses
  7. Site visit fee (if applicable)*

DS-2019 Form

This document serves as your training permit. It indicates that you have the sponsorship and support of our partner organization in the U.S. The document contains the dates of your training program, as well as your sponsorship identification number.

J-1 Trainee Visa

This document allows you to enhance your skills in your chosen career field through participation in a structured training program and to improve your knowledge of American techniques, methodologies, or expertise within your field of endeavor.

*Site visit is conducted to ensure a company has an appropriate location and has the resources needed to provide a professional training for an applicant. For the exact fee, please refer to the Program Confirmation Form.

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