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By joining Spanish Language Program jointly provided by Intrinsic and famous language school – don Quijote, you will be able to have fun and be inspired by getting to know new people, culture and language. Having the chance to stay abroad will give you the opportunity to participate in daily life and to immerse in the local culture.

32 Destinations 12 Countries

Alicante | Barcelona | Granada | Madrid | Malaga
Marbella | Salamanca | Seville | Tenerife | Valencia

Latin America
Argentina | Bolivia | Colombia | Chile | Costa Rica | Cuba
Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Guatemala | Mexico | Peru

Intensive Spanish Course

Duration: 1 – 52 Weeks
Destinations: All don Quijote Schools
Spanish Level: All levels
Frequency Per Week:
10, 20 or 30 Spanish Classes +
5 Cultural Classes
Participants Per Group: 8 Students
Start Dates: Any Monday, Year Round

Intensive courses are perfect for students of all ages who wish to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible through constant interaction. Students will learn how to use grammar in context through a wide range of activities including: reading, discussions, conversations, viewing documentaries, listening to songs, watching films, etc.

Christmas Program

Duration: 1 – 2 Weeks
Start Dates: Specific Start Dates

Looking for something different and spend a truly memorable Christmas in Spain? Why not experience it for yourself while you enjoy a 1 or 2 week Spanish course? Come along and join the celebrations!

Junior Program

Duration: 2 or 4 Weeks
Destinations: Barcelona, Malaga, Salamanca
Spanish Level: All Levels
Frequency Per Week:
20 Spanish classes
Participants Per Group: Minimum 3, Maximum 12 Students
Age: 14 - 17 Years

Youth Program is combined with study abroad program includes a Spanish course, full board accommodation and a weekly schedule of activities and excursions. Evenings are filled with a wide range of organized events such as local excursions, cultural activities and visits, movies, sports, dance lessons and more. You will stay with a local host family or in a student residence hall.

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