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Why Intrinsic

Intrinsic – for students and youth offers various language and cultural exchange programs that provide young people with the opportunity to explore and learn more about the world! Intrinsic is committed to educating young adults. We also believe the world is the best classroom.By stepping into this gigantic kaleidoscope with an open mind, you will come away with a sense of personal achievement while having a lifetime experience.
What Can You Gain from Our Programs?

Learn to solve problems on your own in an unfamiliar environment. Not only will you build your self-confidence, you will also learn to take care of every aspect in your entire life.
Language Improvement
Improve your English or foreign languages by communicating with the local people and traveling with new friends from all over the world.
Cultural Exposure
By immersing in a new culture and learning more about other customs, you will develop your own self-awareness and learn to value cultural understanding.
Personal (or Career) Development
Enhance your resume and gain a wider perspective on the outside world by working or learning in a foreign country.
Learn how to manage both your time and money
Plus tons of fun and new friends!

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