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Summer Work and Travel USA Program makes it possible for international students to explore life in USA with maximum freedom at minimum cost.

The Summer Work and Travel USA Program is designed so that you can become more than just a tourist and experience life in USA firsthand by working alongside local people and other participants from all over the world in a temporary employment and to share your own traditions and cultures with them. Not only does this unique opportunity allow you to immerse yourself in U.S. culture, you can also earn money and act as a student ambassador for your home country, not to mention that work experience abroad looks great on your CV!

How to Get a Job in USA?

We will find a job for you! All you need to do is to submit the application form together with the required documents and pass the selection, and then you could be the next person doing one of these jobs.

Diverse Work Environment

Countryside - Explore the Splendor of Natural Beauty
Jobs in the National Parks may interest you, not so much for the jobs themselves, but for the opportunity to live in some of the most beautiful areas of USA. Most of the jobs will be in the small towns around the perimeters of the parks or in lodging centers within the parks. Though your duties may not be very exciting, you are being paid to work in what is often a beautiful and peaceful working environment, where you can be friend with many Americans and people around the world.

Cities - Taste the Bustling and Animated City Lives
Across America, there are numerous amusement parks. They attract millions of visitors each year, and offer many seasonal work opportunities to both local and foreign students. If you have a craving for heart-stopping rides like roller coaster, you will get to not only ride them as often as you want, but also learn how to operate it. The proximity to nearby cities is definitely another advantage which you may find it attractive.

Apart from amusement parks, you may also find work opportunities at shopping malls, resort towns, or even major airports, mostly within the catering and retailing industry.


The salary you will get would help covering the cost of living or even enable you to have some extra money as part of the travel budget. In the U.S., the federal minimum wage is currently USD7.25 per hour. For tipped labor, the hourly wage is lower, at USD2.5-3, but the tipped income would guarantee your income more or less as the non-tipped position, or even more than that, depending on seasonality. Generally, you can expect to work 5-6 days per week and 7-8 hours per workday, probably 30-45 hours a week in total. Based on the federal minimum wage level, this amounts to USD2,200 to 3,200 for 2.5 months of work.

Employees usually are paid every two weeks. Depending on when you start your job, you may not receive your first pay in the first 3-4 weeks. We recommend having at least USD1,000 or above upon arrival for daily expenses, transportation to workplace, first month’s rent, and a security deposit for housing, if applicable.

Accommodation & Food

Accommodation should be arranged before you leave Hong Kong. Some of the employers will provide affordable housing. If accommodation is not provided with your job, you will need to arrange it yourself. If you are not going to arrange long-term housing before departure, you should reserve accomodation for the first week so that you have some time to arrange your long-term housing for your entire stay in the US. We and your employer will try our best to assist you, but you are responsible for making the final decision.

Housing rent and conditions vary with different employers. In most cases, you will share a same sex dormitory with 2 to 3 coworkers, possibly international students like you. Generally speaking, rent in the countryside would be lower than that of the city. The rent ranges from USD90 to 200 per week, subject to geographical location, housing style and length of the lease.

In most cases, students will be responsible for buying and preparing their own food, although some employers will provide meals. Depending on your preferences, you have to expect spending USD300 - 500 monthly on food.

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