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Application Procedure

1 Submit Application Complete the online application form together with all required documents.
2 Candidate Selection Test for basic program suitability and proper motivation.Program Confirmation Form should be submitted after passing the selection.
3 Job Application Submit online Job Application Form and attend hiring events (e.g. job fair / virtual interviews) with representative of an U.S. employer directly.
4 DS Arrival You will be informed of the arrival of the DS-2019 form
5 Visa Preparation Session Complete the Visa Preparation Session online.
6 Visa Application Complete DS-160 form (Visa Application Form) online, settle visa application fees, schedule a visa inteview appointment, prepare required documents and attend the interview at the U.S. Consulate.
7 After Visa Application Submit visa and signed DS-2019 copies.
8 Travel Plan Form You should confirm your international flight booking with us.
Outline your domestic travel plan in the Travel Plan Form (TPF) which should be submitted 1 month before your departure.
9 Pre-Departure Orientation This orientation aims to prepare participants better for the challenges ahead and give them an opportunity to get to know each other. Attendance is compulsory.