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General Questions
Do I have to confirm the accommodation before departure?
It is advisable that participants make all necessary arrangements before departure so as to prevent any chances of being left without shelter. However, if you would like to view the apartment or negotiate pricing, you have to arrive at least a week before starting work or arrange 1 week accomodation first.

How much do I have to bring for my own spending before I get paid?
This is entirely dependent on each participant's spending habits. Generally, it is recommended to bring at least SGD 1000 by the Singapore Government page.

Do I have to apply the Work Holiday Pass by myself?
Once your job is confirmed, our local partner will help you to apply for the Work Holiday Pass (WHP) through the Ministry of Singapore (MOM). You will receive an In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter from MOM via email. This signifies the approval of the application. Each IPA Letter is valid for 3 months so you will have to arrive in Singapore within 3 months from receiving the IPA Letter. Upon arrival in Singapore, you have to go to MOM to have the WHP issued. The WHP is in an identity card format.

How long the visa would be granted? Any travel period included in the visa?
The Work Holiday Pass takes a maximum of 21 working days to be approved (while you are still in your home country). All approved Work Holiday Passes are valid for 6 months with an additional 30 days to travel within Singapore at the end of the 6 months and it cannot be extended. The visa you get is a multiple one which permits multiple entries in Singapore or travelling in other neighboring countries.

If I hold a Chinese passport, but also a full time university student studying in one of the Hong Kong universities, am I qualified for the Work Holiday Pass?
Yes, you are qualified. Approval of the Work Holiday Pass application is not dependent on the citizenship of the applicant, but the country of university.

Should I pay tax in Singapore? Will I get a refund?
All participants are subject to a tax rate of 15%. This tax is to be paid around one month before end of employment. They will not get a refund.

How do I get paid? How could I open a local bank account in Singapore?
You will get paid in various methods, depending on the employer. Some are paid via cheques or bank deposits. All participants will attend an orientation in Singapore held by our local partner that assist you in issues such as issuing their Work Holiday Pass, opening a bank account and visiting the employer.

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