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Work and Travel Australia Program is NOT a formal work program – the actual job done is intended to be only one of the aspects.

This is going to be a lifetime experience – There is no better way to get to know Australia than working with the locals. You will gain first-hand experience that no tourist could expect to have.

The Program allows you to live in Australia up to 12 months in which you could xperience the real Aussie life, make new friends, share new experience and learn more about the country and yourself! It will also be a great boost to your own personal development, self-confidence and understanding.

Get a Job in Australia

Employment Services
Our partner in Australia will assist you in searching jobs when you arrive in Sydney and you will have access to the following employment services:

  1. Arrival Orientation - Overview of employment opportunities and types of work that you can find in Australia
  2. Job Workshop - Practical work information and resume / cover letter advice and checking
  3. Job Desk - One-on-one consultation with employment consultants
  4. Employment Board - Updated daily with job advertisements
  5. Workabout Australia Book - Useful tool to find fruit picking work
  6. Free access to Harvest Hotline - Connect you with thousands of fruit picking and farm jobs all around Australia
  7. Updated information on latest job news
  8. Email & phone support

You may also find some discounted courses at AIFS which might be helpful when you are seeking jobs:

  1. WWOOF membership - Guaranteed volunteer work on farms all around Australia
  2. Farm courses - Help to obtain the farming skills and provide a job opportunity after completing the course
  3. English language courses - AIFS staff can help you to choose the best English course according to your needs and improve your English
  4. Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course - This course can help you get the certification necessary for working in all hospitality positions around Australia

Type of Jobs
There are plenty short term and/or unskilled jobs jobs all year round in Australia. Listed below are some most popular jobs amongst WATAUS participants.

Fruit Picking
Harvesting fruit and vegetable is very popular among Work and Travel participants. There is harvest work in Australia most of the year. However, it involves physical work under hot weather. Farmers sometime will be paid by hourly rate, but most of the time their salary based on the amount of food they pick - so you will earn more when you gain experience. In order to protect yourself from the sun, you may choose to wear a broad rimmed hat, long sleeved shirt and put on sunscreen.

Farm Work
A good way to experience the Australian outback is to work in a farm. You will be helping around the farm and the wage varies according to task and experience. Most of the farms in Brisbane include meals and accommodation. As it may be difficult to find farm work with no experience, you can try to complete a  course beforehand that covers the basic skills. The course organizer would then refer you to a farm job in Australia. Courses are available all year round, except for a few weeks during Christmas/Summer break.

Work in pubs, cafes, restaurants, 5 star hotels, resorts at functions or sport events. Hospitality work offers a good chance to meet people and practice  customer service skills. It is easy to get a job if you have similar experience before. For most of the jobs you will need to wear black and white (black trousers and a white shirt). Be prepared to buy the uniform if you do not have it. In most states you will also need a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate, for any job serving alcohol. it is easier to find hospitality work from September to March. However, there are still openings all year round in most of the areas.

Work can be found in all department stores, boutiques and specialty stores. Most of them will be working as sales assistant. However, sometimes they also require stocktaking works. To get a retail job, you must have excellent English and some previous experiences. Jobs are easier to obtain especially in the months leading up to Christmas - particularly in department stores. At other times of the year it would be more difficult as employers usually prefer permanent staff. Generally speaking, you will need fluent English and a friendly manner. Sales experience will also help.

Accommodation & Food
There is a wide range of accommodation choices in Australia, depending on your own budget and requirement. You can get help from our partner, Newspaper and Internet. Shared apartment, youth hostel and home-stay are the most common housing types for WATAUS participants.

With regards to food, you will be responsible for buying and preparing your own meal depending on your preference. Generally, you will be spending around AUD400 - 600 monthly for food .

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