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About the Project

Are these projects new? How long have they been developed?
The projects have been going on for nearly 6 years in Nepal.

Who will lead the tour? How much experience do they have?
Ideal Friendship-Nepal, one of the leading companies in Nepal will be your In-Country coordinator. They have 6 years of solid experience working in the volunteering programs. They have several experts and a experienced tour leading team. In the past few years, more than hundreds volunteers from different countries have applied for their projects.

Do I need to be a Hong Kong permanent resident in order to join this program?
No, you do not have to be!

Any nationality can join this program?
Yes, participants from different countries can all join this program.

Will I be on my own or there will be other volunteers working alongside me?
It depends on the project you will be participated in. For the community development project, there will be a group leader providing assistance at the project site and some volunteers to share the assignment whereas for the teaching project you will be on your own with the assigned class.

Can I go with my friends? Can we work in the same site and be assigned to the same host family?
Yes, you can come with your friends and work together in the same project site but would be staying with different host families. However, the distance between the two host families will not be very far away from each other.

How many hours will I work per day?
Normally, the volunteers will be working five days a week and 5 to 6 hours a day.

What can I gain from this program?
This volunteering program offers you an opportunity to work with other volunteers and the local Nepalese. Most importantly, you can know more about Nepalese culture and lifestyle from the stay in host family.

Do I need to purchase any insurance?
Yes, all participants are required to purchase insurance to cover the whole trip and provide Intrinsic with the proof before departure.

About Accommodation

How many participants will stay in one host family?
One family can accommodate two volunteers. They have to share toilet, bathroom, kitchen and common rooms but there will be private bedrooms. Please note that hot shower may not be available for all.

What if I do not like my accommodation?
If you do not like the accommodation, you can choose to stay at the hostel provided by our in-country coordinator.

Will I know the background of my host family beforehand?
You will be informed about the details of host family members beforehand.

About Staying in Nepal

What if I am ill?
The local coordinator provides 24-hour emergency support and service during your stay in Nepal.If you are ill, they will take you to visit a doctor or go to a hospital.

Will language be a obstacle in Nepal?
In a host family, there will be at least one member who can communicate with volunteers in English. While for the project site, there will be at least one staff who work as the interpreter. Also, some basic language and cultural knowledge of Nepal will be taught during the arrival orientation.

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