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Tired of joining tours? Want to avoid the loneliness and life of solitude as a backpacker? How about an experience that would let you interact with locals, put your specialties in use and make a difference in other people's life?

Volunteering offers you a chance to help others. By devoting your time, you will be able to acquire some skills, make more new friends and to know yourself better in return. Doing that abroad can be regarded as a kind of cultural exposure towards different countries. By teaching childern English or building home for locals, not only you could immerse yourself into the community, but also be able to experience their lifestyle. Beyond any wages, a volunteer is working as a change maker. Any short stay can make a huge difference to the local community.

Therefore, have you ever thought of being that change marker? Are you ready to experience the world?


Vietnam is famous for its exotic environment with numerous historical attractions and cultural charms. Vietnam is a Socialist Republic State consisted of more than 61 provinces and 54 ethnic groups with different cultures and languages. From the more traditional way of life in Hanoi, the country’s capital city to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City in the South, Vietnam has something for all tastes. It is a country filled with captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life. You should never miss the amazing highlights such as the the Mekong Delta or Halong Bay. Different tastes of cuisine such as Thai, Italian, and French etc. are available all seasons and they are incredibly cheap.

The booming economy of Vietnam certainly helps part of the locals but not the majority. It leads to the growth of community projects such as teaching English, rehabilitating and supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Volunteering in Vietnam becomes international as foreigners are fond of getting to know the local culture while giving a hand to the community, making themselves more than just a tourist.

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