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About the Project

Are these projects new? How long have they been developed?
The projects have been going on for nearly 6 years in Hanoi.

Who will lead the tour? How much experience do they have?
Greenbridge Co. Ltd., one of the leading companies in Vietnam will be your In-Country coordinator. They have 6 years of solid experience in conducting the volunteer programs in Vietnam.  In the past few years, more than hundreds volunteers from different countries have applied for their projects.

Do I need to be a Hong Kong permanent resident in order to join this program?
No, you do not have to be!

Will I be on my own or there will be other volunteers working alongside me?
It depends on the project you will be participated in. For the community development project, there will be a group leader providing assistance at the project site and some volunteers to share the assignment whereas for the teaching project you will be on your own with the assigned class.

What can I gain from this program?

Once involved in the project, the volunteers will be able to have better understanding and sympathy for the difficult background of the children there. Besides, this job offers an opportunity to gain skills of caring and working with the children as well as teaching. Most importantly, the volunteers get to know more about Vietnamese culture and lifestyles.

Can I go with my friend or family?
Yes, of course you can.

What are the visa application procedures and required documents?

Participants can get the visa in their home country or upon arrival. For details of applying visa before departure, please consult with the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. However, if you want to get the visa upon arrival, you are required to fill out a visa application form and submit  the required documents to Intrinsic so that we could help you to apply for a visa approval letter. With the visa approval letter on hand, the Vietnam immigration officer will issue the visa to you when you arrive the Vietnam airport. You will need to pay USD25 (single entry) or USD50 (multiple entries) for your visa directly there. The required documents include: visa application form, CV, copy of passport and 2 passport photos. Usually, it takes at least 4 working days to get the visa approval letter.

About Accommodation
Where shall I live when I am in Vietnam?
We will arrange hostel for you to stay in Vietnam. You will be living in a single room (with single supplement) or a double room with another volunteer. Host family can be arranged upon request.

What if I do not like my accommodation?
If you do not like the accommodation, you can choose to stay at a hotel at your own cost.
About Staying in Vietnam
What if I am ill?
The local coordinator provides 24-hour emergency support and service during your stay in Vietnam. If you are ill, they will take you to visit a doctor or go to a hospital.
About TravelDo I need any visa for traveling to other countries surrounding Vietnam?
Most likely yes but it depends on what kind of passport you are holding on hand and which country(s) you would like to visit.

Can I extend my stay after completing the project?
Yes, you can extend your stay as long as your visa allows you to.
General Questions
Will I need any vaccinations?
No vaccination is compulsory. However, you are recommended to be more careful when you eat and drink outside. You can take vaccinations against typhoid, Malaria, hepatitis A & B and tetanus only if you think it is necessary.

Do I need to purchase any insurance?
Yes, all participants are required to purchase insurance to cover the whole trip and provide Intrinsic with the proof before departure.

What are the other expenses in addition to the program fee?
Additional expenses that each volunteer will need to pay including the round-trip air tickets, food, transportation to worksite, laundry service, accommodation at extra cost (if you do not like the accommodation that have been arranged for you) and other personal expenses.

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