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Project 1: Teaching English | Project 2: Community Development

Project 1: Teaching English

There is a huge demand for English teachers in Vietnam because learning English can create great opportunities and improve job prospects of young people. However, there are only few Vietnamese schools will offer children the opportunity to learn standard English and to develop areas that are not being covered in the current school syllabus, such as conversational English.

Project 2: Community Development / Work with Orphans and Children with Special Needs

Your role will mainly involve taking care of children with special needs and help them to adapt to the communities. Your work may include organizing group games, singing songs, exercising with the pupils as well as cooking, cleaning and feeding them. Their ages vary from 5 to 15. Normally, you will be stationing at the centre for children with special needs in the morning until early evening depending on the needs of project. In some occasions, you may be asked to work at the Pagoda, where you will spend a whole day with infants and orphans. Candidates may require some basic skills in working with the young adults with special needs. Generally speaking, volunteers joining this project should have a genuine love of children and an interest in helping people with challenging conditions.

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