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Program Details

We provide education, displays and workshops to encourage people getting involved in the Project. Activities can be tailor-maded and may include the following:

  • Participation in Organic Farming
  • Harvesting and Food Preservation
  • Traditional Food Preparation
  • Interacting with Villagers of their Daily Life
  • Tours about Environmental Awareness
  • Visiting and Learning about Nearby Sites of Historical and other Interests, Exhibitions
  • Understanding and Appreciation of the Local Arts, Crafts, Scenery and Food
  • Cycling along the “Guangdong Greenway”
  • Learning Chinese Culture and in particular, Wu Yi / Sze Yap Culture.
  • Lectures (e.g. on Architecture, World Heritage, Conservation, Preservation, Overseas Chinese History, Diaoulou Background)
  • Sharing and Review
  • Preparation of Farm Food Specialities
  • Appreciation and Practicing of Traditional Folk Activities
  • Oral History given by Villagers Beside the Banyan Tree
  • Community Work
  • Bonfires, Team Building, Outdoor Skills.

***Above are the suggested activities, special request can be arranged.***

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