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About the Project

Who will lead the tours and how much experience do they have?
Experienced professional guides will lead the tours and ensure your safety during your stay in Cangdong village.

Are there any seasonal restrictions on the farming project (e.g. depends on the planting practices)?
There is no seasonal restriction on the organic farming project. Different crops will be grown during different seasons.

About Accommodation

Where should I live when I am in Cangdong village?
A variety of options with different costs are available for participants to choose based on their own will.  You can choose to live in deluxe hotels in Kaiping, basic hostels near Cangdong village or Wild Camping inside Ancestral Hall/Diaolou of Cangdong Village. 

Are there any supermarkets or grocery stores nearby for students to purchase daily necessities?
There is no grocery store in Cangdong Village. If you have any special request, please let us know and we can arrange you to the nearest grocery store.

About Transportation

How can I go to the Cangdong village and where is the pickup point?
If you depart from Hong Kong, you are suggested to take cross border coach to Kaiping Bus Terminal. While if you depart from Guangzhou, you can choose to take long-distance coach from Tianhe Coach Terminal Station to Kaiping Bus Terminal. We will arrange pick-up at Kaiping Bus Terminal. You are required to provide details of your departure time.

About Safety

What If I am ill during the program? Is there any hospital or clinic nearby?
There is no clinic in Cangdong village. If  you need any medical treatment, we will bring you to the nearest hospital in town.

Is there any person I can contact if I have any emergency during the trip?
We will provice you 24-hours emergency support during your stay in Cangdong Village. Local volunteers will accompany you all the way to ensure your safety.

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