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What is Cool Idea Awards (CIA)?

Cool Idea Awards (CIA) is a competition to determine local post-secondary students’ abilities in formulating strategies and conducting plans.  Top 30 contestants will be sponsored to join the Summer Work and Travel USA program (WATUSA).

Why should I join the CIA?

Participating in CIA contest by 31 October 2016 (Monday) will give you a chance to win a HALF sponsorship for the Summer Work and Travel USA Program 2017 (WATUSA). Even if you cannot win the contest, by passing Round 1 of the competition and attending Round 2 selection, you will still be entitled to have your HKD500-Administration-Fee waived.


AwardsValues of Sponsorship
Platinum AwardHKD9,650 x 3 winners
Gold AwardHKD5,000 x 7 winners
Silver AwardHKD4,000 x 10 winners
Bronze AwardHKD3,000 x 10 winners
Total ValueHKD133,950